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Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?

Is your garage door stuck open, closing halfway or maybe just leaving a sliver open at the bottom no matter what you try? It’s frustrating to know you’re wasting energy heating and cooling the outdoors, that your property isn’t safe from people, pests and the elements and that your garage door might be a safety hazard.

When you’re faced with this situation, don’t panic. There are plenty of reasons this might be happening — and getting it resolved isn’t going to be too hard with the right team of garage door contractors for any complex repairs you might need.

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Possible Causes

When a garage door refuses to close, won’t close completely or comes open again, there are many potential causes to consider. Most of them involve mechanical failures in the moving parts of the system.

Here are a few of the most common possible causes:

Your Garage Door’s Track Alignment Is Off

If your garage door is no longer in proper alignment with its track, then you’ll often notice it stops part of the way through — sometimes with a slight angle where it gets stuck.

You might be able to see a blockage in the track, a bend in the metal or some other damage, but it could be a misalignment subtle enough that you can’t just eyeball it.

Something Is Blocking It

The simplest answer can often be the correct one. Many garage doors refuse to close because there’s something physically blocking them from closing; this could be small pebbles or sticks wedged in a mechanism, something in the track, etc.

If you can remove the obstruction without causing damage, you might find the problem goes away immediately — just be alert to damage that the blockage could have caused in the meantime.

Normal Wear & Tear

Garage doors don’t last forever, and every year brings wear and tear to the moving parts like rollers, tracks, springs, cables, etc.

If you keep up with regular maintenance, this might be a less likely suspect, but a year with exceptional dust, pollen, rain, etc. might have accelerated wear on your system and left you with clutter jamming up your rollers, mechanical components too dusty to move right, and other problems.

Damaged springs can also leave your garage door nonfunctional since they do the hard work of moving the weight of your door around for smooth opening and closing, though this usually results in a door that’s stuck closed, not open.

Should I Replace My Garage Door?

When considering whether to repair or replace your garage door, you’ll want to think of the same questions you’d ask about anything else: If you repair it today, will it last without problems for a reasonable amount of time?

If you have an old garage door that keeps needing to be repaired or will definitely need to be replaced soon anyway, replacement might be best. You might also choose to replace while you’re spending money if you have other goals to meet, like improved security, insulation or appearance.

When you call our team, we can help you consider your options and weigh them with full information, including potential costs and savings from both choices.

Call Overhead Door Company of Muncie for Garage Door Repair in Muncie

If you’re dealing with a garage door that won’t close, call the team at Overhead Door Company of Muncie for prompt repairs. DIY repairs can be especially dangerous with garage doors, as the power contained in your torsion springs and the weight of the door can both prove lethally dangerous if something goes wrong during repairs.

For over 90 years, we’ve served the area with outstanding service, high-quality products and great policies, so you can always expect a positive outcome when you choose our team.

Call 765-587-1444 or contact Overhead Door Company of Muncie online today to request garage door repairs in the Muncie area.

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